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Dr. Yen Yo Liao and his staff
welcome you to Ai Family Dental

Our experienced, friendly dental team is dedicated to providing you the highest level of care and customer service and making you feel comfortable and relaxed at Ai Family Dental. Each member is an important part of our team.

We welcome you to visit our team and dentists in our office and we look forward to facilitating a pleasant dental experience!



Focused on your health

Focused on your health

Friendly & gentle

Friendly & gentle

“Dr. Liao is the loving husband and father of two young kids and the proud care taker of two miniature dachshunds, Momo and Dodo.”

Yen Yo Liaoo


Dr. Liao is honored to provide dental comfort and services to his neighbors in Dallas and the surrounding suburbs. Dr. Liao graduated with honors from University of California Los Angeles with his Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and then his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. He was also the recipient of the Gold Foil Operator achievement award. After dental school, Dr. Liao completed his post-doctoral residency in Advanced General Dentistry at the University of Tennessee. In addition to his extensive training in general dentistry, Dr. Liao is also certified to provide orthodontic treatment and dental implants from start to finish. In his spare time, he loves traveling, golfing, gardening, and watching all sports. Dr. Liao and his team at Ai Family Dental emphasize patient comfort, and their top priority is to provide a comfortable experience with gentle, personalized care.
“Christine loves being at Ai Dental everyday, helping patients in a warm and friendly environment”


━ Patient Coordinator RN, MSN

Christine grew up in Plano, TX. She went to J.J. Pearce High School and then went on to attend the University of Texas in Austin where she obtained her R.N. as well as her Master of Sciences in Nursing degree with honors. Christine works part time at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas as a cardiovascular R.N. Outside of the office, she enjoys traveling, singing, and spending time with her friends and family, including her two miniature dachshunds.
“Riho enjoys talking with patients and helping to make them feel comfortable.”

Riho Yoshiokao

━ Dental Assistant RDA, MA, MEES

Riho was born and raised in Fukushima, Japan. She has received B.S. of Mathematics from Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, M.S. of Environmental Earth Science from Hokkaido University and M.A. of Urban Affairs from University of Texas at Arlington. 歯科助手の吉岡理穂です。 患者様のことを一番に考えた診察と治療を心がけています。 ご来院になる前でもご来院になった後でも、ご不明な点はなんでもご質問・ご相談ください。 少しでもお役に立てれば幸いです。